Wednesday, March 10, 2010


SEVEN WHOLE MONTHS!!! That's how long it took me to save for my trip to Europe. And do you know how long it took me to spend that...6 days!!! I even had to dip in my other savings account. Don't get me wrong I had a ball siteseeing, eating, and especially shopping, but dammm doesn't it suck how fast it goes???

Well the same can be said with gaining and losing weight! It took me four months to get my body in shape for a show and in two damm weeks I gained enough weight to lead me back to sqaure one. In two weeks all my ab definition went away and hid underneath blubber. I was super pissed. I went away for Chirstmas and New Years and it took until now... March 10th to get my body back. Two weeks to gain, 3 months to get it lose. Don't you love those numbers?!?!

Well as soon as I got home I had a plan and I knew what it was...I was going to have to workout HARD!!! In essence I think all I had to lose was 5- 10 pounds but when you compete your body is sooo deprived that when you do eat hearty your body absorbs everything!! I literally took my body from famine to feast in no time. So all that luscious french and swiss chocolate, wine, steaks, pizza, and fish and chips..stuck to my abs, legs, and booty that's where my fat likes to hang out.

To lose weight from a cardio perspective you must GO HARD.
Yes it all depends on  your goal so refer to the list below to see how long you must run in the park, walk up the stairs, or bike across the bridge.
Stats provided by NCSF's Personal Training Concepts.

GOAL                         Frequency           Duration
General Health            Most days           30 mins a day
Fitness                         3-5 Days             30-60 min
Performance                5-7 Days             45-90 min

So in other words 30 minutes AINT CUTTING IT!! GO HARD OR GO HOME!!

No Apologies Peeps

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