Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I know I talked about this before. But it doesn't hurt to repeat. Plus I added some more helpful tidbits.

Before I started undergrad I was lucky enough to do the Balfour program at the University of Notre Dame. It was a pre-freshman summer immersion program that I was sooo thankful to be a part of. Besides knowing the campus and having a set group of friends I also got to know some of the faculty.

Now one professor Dr. Rudy Bottei dropped many pearls of wisdom. Not only for physics and biology but he gave us guidance on basic principles that I still stick to today. One of his sayings was to, "optimize your primetime!!!" He always encouraged his students to get as much done during the hours of 9-5 instead of wasting it away at the student center, sleeping, playing video games, or anyother way one bs's in college.

However, for me and basically every person I know our primetime hours can be extended much earlier and later than 9-5...especially gym and other workout fanatics .

When I am in the gym I make sure I optimize my time in the utmost manner.
First off I do not go there to chit chat and make friends. (Side bar - I have met some great people there though) My time is focused on  working out and getting my sets in cardio in. Not talking to my treadmill neighbor or eye stalking the gym hottie.

Two and this is really the focus of the blog today when I come dressed to the gym I come not to impress but to MAXIMIZE the sweat!!

Attention Ladies and Gentleman:
If you come to the gym like you are about to shoot for Maxim Magazine than turn around, go home, and put on more layers. There is so much more you can be getting from your workout if you saved the skin tight attire for a walk in park....when the very hot players from the neighborhood baseball or softball league are playing.

When I come to the gym it's about burining the maximum amount of calories and fat in the least amount of time and in order to do that I have alot going on underneath my clothes. I literally look like the Michelin Man with all those layers...

Here is my regimine I use every time im in the gym (Except summer)
1) I apply sweet sweat to all of my trouble zones.
    The cream as it namesake suggests makes you sweat more.
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2) Then I wrap my stomach in plastic wrap. No shame in my game. I use the store
3) Next I put on this body suit
4) Then you put on your workout gear
5) And finally if you have balls and you want to look like Superman or as I have
    been called Michael Jackson  wear this vinyl suit. I've seen people put a
    sweater or huge XXL shirt to hide this sucker.

I know it seems like you are baking a cake with all of this steps but trust me the sweat speaks for itself and it is an Olympic sized swimming pool.

Have a good one folks :)

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  1. So true..I love this post!! Your Blog is great.. I just saw it today!
    I am usually at the gym wearing a hat and try to be incognito....
    You are in amazing shape. keep up the hard work!
    Ps- At one of the gyms I go to their motto is
    "Train Hard- or Go Home".. they have it on their shirts, etc.- You reminded me of that in one of your posts (and I have something similar to that on my blog)- Keep posting.. loving it!