Friday, April 9, 2010

Meal Replacements

I meant to post this a while ago but me, my job, and blogger were not on good speaking terms. Anyway this has to be the best protein shake I have ever had.
It is dammm good!!!

Introducing Labrada's Lean Body for Her (or HIM) Meal Replacement. This shake is nothing short of exceptional deliciousness!! I first tried the vanilla shake and it taste like cake batter. Then I tried tried the chocolate ice cream and it tastes just as promised!! I can drink this all damm day.

Personally I have not tried the strawberry protein shake because in the past strawberry protein shakes are digusting. But I am willing to try this brands but I will attempt the single servings.
Small steps

Lean Body for Her/Him is a great meal replacement option.After an intense workout your post exercise nutrition is super important especially if you lift. During high volume, heavy resistance training glycogen stores in the muscle provides the largest portion of calories for work. It is important to maximize glycogen stores before engaging in the type of exercise bout. The best time to saturate your glycogen stores is immediately following an exercise bout. After a workout your cells are depleted and are more prone to efficiently absorb nutrients. Consuming a mixture of protein and carbohydrates increases both glycogen saturation and protein synthesis in the muscle tissue.

Unlike other shakes that lack a good ratio of protein to carbs. Lean Body has 30 grams of protein and 10 carbs. Please, please, dont be scared by the word carbs. Carbs are necessary they are friend not foe.

To get your fair share of yummy goodness click on the link above. Have a great weekend!!

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